Annnnnnd We are Back!

Well, this is kind of embarrassing.  This is just our second update in almost 10 months!  

We have been so busy helping people save money off their home services that we totally ignored our blog.  

Here are some things that we have been up to recently:

  • Launched nationwide!  Our vendors and partners now cover the entire United States!
  • Partnered with over 125 vendors included commercial service providers.  We can now save commercial clients money and time while getting their business up and running.
  • This month in October, we saved one of our realtor partners $540 a month off her electricity, internet, cable and security services.  That's $6000 THIS YEAR she will save because of a 30 minute conversation with us.  The gecko can't beat that. 
  • Partnered with some of the biggest names in the real estate industry in Texas, Arizona, Colorado and California.  More announcements to come soon with this!!

Tons have happened this year in the home services industry ( Did you know you can get DirecTV including 4 TV's for $25/month?!). But we will save that for another day.  

Stay tuned!

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